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  • Digital Marketing Consulting
    We tailor our digital marketing strategy to your specific needs. Not all clients need the same approach. At The Shyft we evaluate your business to determine which forms of digital marketing will best serve your business goals.
  • Analytical Approach
    We love data and all it's depth and detail. The more we analyze the better the results become. We also understand that large amounts of data aren't for everyone so we have a variety of simple reports that break down the most important information.
  • Creative Thinking
    Many of our dealerships and other customers are constantly looking for new ways to engage customers. We are very familiar with many of the latest technologies available to help you reach your customers.


Social Media and Marketing

Having a social presence is important but doesn't do much good if you aren't engaged.
  • Is your current social media specialist incorporating your employees into the customer engagement process?
  • Do you reply to the positive and negative reviews posted by your customers?
  • Are you looking at your listing traffic along side your site and social analytics?

We work with your employees and vendors to work out a system that is sustainable and easy to manage. It is critical that you leverage as much of the technology and human capital you have available.

Social media evaluation is really fairly simple.

Would you subscribe or like your own social pages?

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A New Generation of Cusumers

Are you presenting your business in a way that will catch their attention. It's not easy with all the noise and personal devices.

Millennials are starting to become a significant purchasing force but getting their attention isn’t easy.

  • They don’t watch tv they watch youtube.
  • They don’t listen to the radio they have a playlist.
  • They have never been forced to watch commercials not do they have the time for it.

So what is your plan to reach this new generation?

We can help. Technology is the key to presenting your products to this new generation. Contextual advertising and geographic targeting are great buzzwords but are you using them effectively? Are you in the right place at the right time?


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